The Ride of your life

Everything a mountain Bike should be

Happy Customers


The Godzilla Bike provided this senior citizen the confidence to ride a bicycle again. Part of my road is gravel and has a couple big hills, so I was fearful that I could not make it on a regular bike. After a relatively fast and easy assembly (just handlebars, front wheel, and pedals) I was on my way.

Chris M

This bike rocks. I cannot say anything bad about it, all good. It came well packaged and the only assembly were the handle bars and seat after battery placement. Battery charged fully overnight. First time use was up the hill on my red granite drive. I wanted a fatty to run dirt roads and to the mail box in winter snow. So as the pedaling became difficult


Wow what a fun ebike!! I have been having a blast on this thing, riding every bike trail that I can find and every street without traffic. It is powerful and seems very well made. I am shocked that this ebike only cost me $1200 when most other ebikes I’ve seen cost at least $2000. For the price-quality, this is a serious steal.